Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pickle Dance!

I have really good intentions, I promise I do! I try to get down here to post, but with the heat coming on, I get out in the yard or the church yard first thing in the morning and next thing I know, the day is gone, no post! 

Since I have been spending so much time out in the garden, let me share some pictures with you!
About 2 weeks ago!
I went out today and gathered the cuke vines to climb up the fence and saw a lot of yellow flowers! So upon closer inspection this is what I found!

Baby Cuke!
So that put's me in the kitchen in July boiling brine and filling jars! I am having issues with loading other pictures so you will have to come back later to see. I am off to do the pickle dance to celebrate the baby cuke! 

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