Monday, June 17, 2013


It's happening again! I say that like it happens all the time, when in-fact, I can't remember the last time it really did happen. Let me think on that a minute... Wow, I guess it never has happened like this so maybe I'm just saying it's happening again to sound like I know what I'm taking about. Let me splane.

I've been growing things for a long time. When Preacher man and I left Colorado, I had to leave behind plants I had been growing, longer than I had known him! It's just something that I love to do and the fact of the matter, I'm good at it. Let me get back to what's happening.

The canapé! When you plant in rows, there comes a time when the plants start to cover up the row where you would walk. This is good, because it cuts down on the weeds, and water needed. When you grow in a raised bed, this isn't a big issue. 
This is the raised bed garden Preacher man made for me in Wilmore KY. No real canapé issues going on here, cuz the plants are growing up the fence.
 This is the garden a few weeks ago. See the weeds and the space between the plants?
This is the garden this morning! I know, your impressed huh? In the middle pic, do you see the fences posted Preacher man put up for me? The precious cucumber plants will grow up the fence and I will TRY to direct them to the back of the garden, towards Sonya's house, and from there onto another fence that runs around the yard. What's the point again? Oh yeah, canapé! See in the last picture where the cuke's have climbed up the fence? This is two rows coming together and they have created a canapé. I will not have to weed there until the plants die in the winter!

What I started out saying about it's happening again is also about how the cuke's are reaching out to the beans and the tomatoes, and if I stand there long enough...ME! 

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