Sunday, May 5, 2013


"You are now running on reserve power and your screen has been dimmed. Please plug in your power adapter to begin recharging the battery. OK?" - Message from an Apple Computer.

Kinda says it all doesn't it? We get to a point in our life where we have got to recharge. There is just no way around it. Some, who ignore the message, will find themselves in the hospital, undergoing forced recharging. It's slow, often painful and costs plenty.

So why don't we heed the messages? For me, there's a part of me that thinks, if I can just keep moving, pushing through, I'll get it all done. It's a lie, straight from the great lier of all times. But I find that I listen, then I find that my reserve power is running low. 

My Mini is the same way, she has a reserve light with sound that goes off when the fuel is getting low. Granted, we can go another 70 miles, which ends up being about a week, on that amount of gas. The point being, someone better be listening to the message.

I challenge you today to allow yourself to be refilled, in whatever way that looks like for you. It will need to be purposeful, intentional and kind.


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