Monday, January 28, 2013

Accept Responsibility!

I've been thinking about some hard stuff lately. I don't know why I do this to myself, but since I do, I'm going to do it to you too!

Do we accept our responsibility in matters? What matters, you maybe asking. Well, the matters that you have a part in. Or do we play the victim? I was sinned against! I AM the victim! You don't know what happened to me! OK, true enough, I agree and have said these things myself. But what about our response? What about the fact that we learned to hate, or resent, that we hold onto that bitterness, or escape into an unreal world?

We may say My folks never told me about sex, and I grew up and went out into this evil world, innocent and ignorant, and got into trouble. That 's the way it happened the first time, but what about the second time or the third time, whose fault is it then?

Loom and Shuttle

Wise Dr Seamands from Asbury says Life is like a complicated tapestry, woven with a loom and shuttle. Heredity, environment, all the things experienced in childhood, from parents, teachers, playmates, all of life's handicaps - all of these things are one side of the loom, and they pass the shuttle to you. But remember, you pass the shuttle back through the loom. This action, together with our responses, weaves the design in the tapestry of our life. 

We are responsible for our actions! We will never receive healing until we stop blaming everyone else and accept our responsibility.



Unknown said...

You are amazing!! What insight you have!!

Dee said...

now do you know

redheadbeck said...

Quit stepping on my toes!!!! LOL! Yes Ma'am! You are dead on with this one and it scares me-but I know Our God is bigger than anything I may face and have to accept-the salvation!!! Love you!