Monday, November 12, 2012

Wake Up

Do you ever get tired of wake up calls? Not the ones in the morning that get you out of bed, but the ones that smack you up side the head and bring you into the here and now! I've had a weekend of wake up calls and I'm thinking, thats just what the doctor ordered.

I fell way behind on my reading and was somewhat floored when I went to Fort Smith to hang out with the sisters this past weekend! So I'm hitting the books hard and it's only Monday, but I figure the way my luck is going, I'll be behind before too long.

I called last week and got a dentist appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Can I tell you how much I hate finding new doctors and such. On Friday, I received my reminder about the yearly Mammo I need to get done this month. I saw the piece of paper Anne had written this doctors name on, she had gotten the name from her daughter and it just stared at me. In fact, it's been staring at me since Anne was here last, when ever that was. So I got on Google and found a phone number and low and behold, the doctor is no longer with them. I thought maybe this was my break. Not there?, must be a sign from God, I don't need to go to the doctor. Ha! Candy, who answered the phone, was not going to let me off the hook! Needless to say, I will be seeing my new doctor on Thursday morning, who will be able to refer me to Mammo, colon, thyroid and with my luck, heart. We'll see.

Do you realize that Turkey day is in 10 days! Good grief! Now that's a wake up call!!

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