Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm trying hard to remain full of joy and hope. Tomorrow is a big day with the election and all. But in the world I live in there are saints to bury and people to love, no matter how they vote. I have BBQ sauce to make and label, a house to clean, people to hug and a Preacher man to support, so forgive me if I don't stop everything to bitch and moan. I will vote tomorrow and I will do it as a right of living in this country and I will listen to how God is calling me to fill in the blank. I found this today and thought it might be nice to share! 

           Before I vote, I'll remind myself of Daniel Berrigan's "Credo."
I can only tell you what I believe; I believe:
I cannot be saved by foreign policies.
I cannot be saved by the sexual revolution.
I cannot be saved by the gross national product.
I cannot be saved by nuclear deterrents.
I cannot be saved by aldermen, priests, artists,
plumbers, city planners, social engineers,
nor by the Vatican,
nor by the World Buddhist Association,
nor by Hitler, nor by Joan of Arc,
nor by angels and archangels,
nor by powers and dominions,
I can be saved only by Jesus Christ.

So, Yeah Jesus!

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