Saturday, May 5, 2012

52 Day's!!

Part of backyard!
As much as I wanted to sleep in this morning, I was up and at it about 7! We made it home yesterday after traveling down to Sherwood to check out the church and meet a few of the church folks. It was a nice time and although it would have been nice to have met more of the people, we were warmly received! The parsonage is large with a yard that looks to offer me some creative outlet's. I'm pretty excited about it... all of it! I wish we could start moving in now!

Now starts the fun part of preparing for a new church, lame duck at the old church. Enough said!

52 day's until move day is here! There's a lot of packing and selling that has to go on before that day get's here too! The parsonage is well furnished so we have decided to take this time to lighten out load. As much as I hate getting ride of our furniture, we're going to do it. I feel like we should get a good price for it, however, Preacher man mainly wants it gone! I'm sure I will loose out on that discussion. 

I feel like the last three weeks have been a blur! We took a long weekend to learn to ride motorcycles. Followed by a long weekend at The Walk to Emmaus. Just getting home from a trip to visit the church and some of it's people. The house is a mess, but I have managed to keep the laundry going so we have clean underwear! I guess that's all we can really hope for at this point, clean underwear!    


rev.crum said...

But as you pack your boxes it gets harder and harder to find the

Kimer said...

Amen Bro!