Wednesday, May 9, 2012

49 day' till move!

I am getting some strange stuff done that makes me feel productive even if you can't see it by the number of boxes I've packed. Which by the way is like 6 or 7! I'm more excited about the other stuff I'm getting done! Let me explain! Since the parsonage is furnished, Preacher man has taken this opportunity to talk me into selling the furniture we've had our whole married life long, 19 years. I love this stuff! But, I learning that stuff is just stuff and not to get too attached to stuff. So I cleaned all the dog hair off the furniture. Actually, it was Gracie's hair cuz she leans on stuff. I took pictures of the furniture and I put it on Craig's list! It may not sound like a lot, but it is, your going to have to take my word for it.

Then, we got the coolest thing in the mail from the IRS! I know what your thinking, How could anyone ever get anything cool from the IRS? I know right? Well, we did and you know what it was? No, no, no, OK I'll tell you! It was the IRS's approval of our application for tax exempt status for our non-profit, Oasis Ministries! I told you it was cool! 

Our dear graphic artist friend, Jim, had sent us a questionnaire to answer about starting us a web site. I got that done AND sent back to him! This is sit down and have deep thoughts stuff people!

I am also getting ready to talk with Sister Rachel next week via Skype, yes the sister's Skype! I have questions about the next step for me and I filled out some paperwork for her and I to talk about. Again, sitting down and having deep thoughts stuff!

Today, looks to be a little different as I believe I feel the need to throw stuff away! Time to get into the bathroom and go through those drawers and closet. I have also come across this ritual that I'm really enjoying! Filling up the recycle bin! I love that I can fill that thing up and lighten the packing load on me! It's awesome! I ask myself, Do I really want/need this? If yes, pack it! If no, trash it! I am finding it funner to trash than pack, which is making Preacher man happy!

I am not looking forward to the bedroom or this thing I call a desk! So, I will save that for last, when I'm real fed up with stuff and feeling like a recycling champ!     

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