Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yesterday was Preacher man and my 19th anniversary! Can you believe that? I thinks it's like the most awesome thing I've ever done! Next to trying to tie flies. There are two things that I want to try my hand at. One is raising orchards, the other is tying flies. 

Yesterday, Preacher man walked through the door with a beautiful orchard and said, "I remember you said you wanted to give these a try. Happy anniversary!" I am so excited about this. I need to email a dude named "Z" and get the low down on these bad boys. It just plum crazy that I get so up in the air about plants, but I do. Would much rather have this than cut flowers! 
Me and my Wooly Booger

Teacher Bill
The other thing I want to try is tying flies. When Preacher man and I live out in the desert of Arizona, our neighbor was a fly fishing tour dude and he would pay folks to make flies. It always looked so fun and I thought I would do that someday, if I could find someone to teach me. 

Bill is not only a church member, but he's also a Master Gardener. A few weeks ago we were manning the hotline at the extension office together and he brought out his fly tying stuff! Now Bill had just taken his first lesson the day before and really couldn't remember what he was suppose to be doing, that however, didn't stop him from teaching me! It also did not stop me from making a wooly booger!   I don't think there is a fish in the world that would put that thing in it's mouth, but it was sure fun making it! In fact if a fish did get this thing in it's mouth, I bet it would choke! Bill's looked only slightly better!

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