Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Week - Forgiveness

I think as a general rule, we find Holy Week a little difficult to understand. The Catholics seem to have it down, but I think it's more like we as human's just have a hard time with suffering and not running from it.

The thing I'm doing this week is just being with Jesus on the way to the cross. To stand when he stands and fall when he falls. To have sorrow with Jesus in sorrow, tears and deep grief because of the great affliction that Jesus endures for me. To support Jesus through this week and just be with him. What I want to do is act like Peter and cut off an ear, or the rest of them, to just disappear when the hard part comes.

Why do you think that is? Am I the only one that wants to avoid pain at all cost? We are so quick to dish it out, yet taking it and standing there, well that's another story all together. I really want to lash out as this week goes by, it's my nature. I want to protect Jesus, make excuses for the way these people were acting, take the hammer away before it strikes the nail! Just make them stop!

Then I read the seven last words of Jesus... The first of which are Father, forgive them, they know not what they do. The first words from the cross are about forgiveness, can you even get your head around that? To forgive those that rejected him, those who inflicted the pain on him, those who turned away and did nothing to rescue him. Me. You. Us.

His very purpose was to bring forgiveness to us, for us. That is something I think we forget about God, we know that God is love, but he is more Holy. Holy can not be around sin. We are full of sin. So even though God loves us and is love, we can't be with Him because we are sinful. Our whole relationship is about forgiveness! The Father sent Jesus to be the word of compassion and forgiveness; and now, as his Church, we are to be that same compassion and forgiveness in our world.

Dude! This is so hard! I've been struggling with this for more than this week, and it is just flat out hard. Know why? I believe it's because we don't really have it in us to do it. Jesus has to do it through us. I have been praying for the grace to want to forgive. I do want to, really I do, now anyway. Now I'm praying that Jesus give me his compassion and his forgiveness to do the work that needs to be done!

What I think is important to remember is that everyday, I wake up and I remember the things Jesus has forgive me for. That humbles my heart and makes it easier to forgive others. Is it done in a moment? You bet it is! However, the evil ones keeps helping me remember the wrongs that have been done against me. So I have to lay it down again. Maybe everyday, for a while. 

But you see, I want to forgive. It gives chances for new beginnings. It allows me the honor to walk with Jesus to the cross. To comfort him in His pain. To support him in His calling to save me!       

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Preacher man said...

good stuff. deep too