Saturday, March 3, 2012


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What does it mean to you? How do you go out into your day and see it, show it, embrace it?

A cast of lungs
I'm grateful for my lungs today. I woke up at three this morning and said a prayer for Teddy. Teddy is a woman that I have never met in person. I know her only through my dear friend Anne. Anne and Teddy are sister mother-in-laws, their kids married each other. Teddy has been at Duke University since before Thanksgiving waiting on new lungs. Her's are killing her, so to speak, and it has taken until last night for her to receive a new left lung. 

First off, I'm blown away by the function our lungs preform for us! God out did himself when he made these bodies that we run around in didn't He? Then to think that we have the ability to take one lung out of a body and put it in another body... Dude that totally flips me out! And don't get me started on the heart!

Second off, I only have a very small idea how Teddy must feel as she has to think about and work hard at breathing. I have cold/exercise induced asthma that is controlled by an inhaler. I do get a little whacked out when it's hard for me to breath!

So today, I'm grateful that I quit smoking over 12 years ago, that I can run, and that I have two lungs that seem to work pretty well. I pray this day that you remember Teddy in your prayers and thank God that you have good lungs and that they found a new one for Teddy!        

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