Monday, March 5, 2012


Why don't we just step out there and do it? Why are we eat up with failing? What got programed into us that made us so stickin' scared? 

I mean, when we're young and all of our brain cells aren't hitting the mark, and our friend says, "Let's jump!" and we do and don't die, why are we so afraid to do it again when we're older? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should all climb a tree, or onto the house and jump off. I'm wanting to know when was the last time you jumped?

I feel like I'm making a life of jumping! Ever so often, I get the opportunity to do something that most folks thinks is crazy and I jump. In fact, ever since I really stated following Jesus, I've been a jumper. I grew up thinking I was going to be a company girl. You know, get a job, keep the job...forever. Folks older than me did that. Get a job and keep it, grow in it (or not) but stay in the same job and retire from that job with your gold plated watch, if your lucky.

I've had more jobs than Carter has had liver pills! I thought I would work for Cargill for my whole life, in fact the longest I've ever worked for anybody was Cargill, 7 years. But deep inside of me, I'm a jumper! Not a job jumper, but a life jumper.

I am once again unemployed! The "normal" person inside is yelling at me, What do you think your doing!? In a time as this, how can you not have a job? How can you leave a job, that by the way, you were really good at? Do you know how much gas cost? Have you seem the price of banana's? AS a matter of fact, yes! 

I would like to add that there are a few things that are yelling at me a little softer, that are catching my attention a little bolder and are speaking to my heart in a way that the "normal" just doesn't understand. If you listen, you might hear it too.

Jesus is standing over there and he's holding out his hand to me, with that smile that comes so easy to his face. He knows I can do it! He's called me to it. To seek Him first and His kingdom. I'm one of the lucky ones who hears him. I know I've got responsibly, but it doesn't have anything to do with punching a time clock. I don't think I can do it, and that's right where he wants me to be. Dependent on him and detached from my attachments. I'm ready to jump into what I'm being called to do, not because of what I think I can or can't do. Not because you understand what I'm doing, but because I've been called into it.

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