Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have you been Creeped?

Have you ever been creeped? Do you even know what that means? I believe it's very similar to being stocked only maybe nicer, maybe? Preacher man is being creeped on FaceBook! Let me back up and explain.

SHUMC Parsonage
Sylvan Hills UMC found out yesterday that Preacher man is going to be their Preacher man. There was a little write up on us and an adorable picture of the two newbies! That's about when it started, a few emails started coming in and friend requests on FaceBook. The first one was by the Youth leader, Rachel. I found out that she lives across the street from our new home (parsonage) and asked her to take a picture and send it if she didn't mind. I mean just look at that thing! SO, the next thing I know, I'm having dinner with my dear friend Vicki and I get this text: My youth kids are all creeping Alex (aka Preacher man) on FaceBook. They are so excited. They have found out that he loves missions and rides a motorcycle and to then, this is the coolest thing ever! This my friends is being creeped.

This youth group is going to know more about Preacher man than the adults when we show up! They are so excited, and that blesses my heart in a way that I wasn't really ready for. See, I know what this man can do. I know how talented he is with his hands and mind. I have seen him fix things and load washers into the back of a truck all by himself. He's got skills! But... I also know what God can do through this man. Seen worship services that he has developed, heard prayers that he has prayed, seen him with Holy hands lifted to give praise to God, and tears that have come because someone has touched his heart in a way that surprised him. So when a group of youth are already excited about what this man brings to the table, just being who he is, this rocks my world!  


redheadbeck said...

Oh Kimba!! This makes me cry!!! What a blessing to have in your lives at this moment!!!!!

TheEccentricLady said...

How exciting. It's always great when the young people are excited with the pastor. Means good things for the future of the church. I hope God blesses your family while you are in this congregation. I hope you find the people who are on fire like you are too. You can find my stuff on the link on my blog or at Thanks for the compliment. I am very busy right now and it may be next week before I get the posting of my new stuff done.