Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today starts what Preacher man is calling VA-K50, for me anyway. His doesn't start until after he meets with the Board of Ordained Ministry on Tuesday and either get's "Thumbs Up!" or "Thumbs Down" on ordination. Please pray for him and that I don't drive him plumb crazy before he leaves for his meetings. 

I regress, VA-K50 stands for Vacation - Kim's 5oth, or something close to that using the VA-K50. Preacher man went into cahoots with my parents to try and surprise me for my birthday, however, it's very hard to plan a surprise anything when you have to plan on the herd being taken care of and food that needs to be bought. So he informed me that we're going to Big Cedar, which I have been calling Red Cedar and Big Sir mainly cuz I have no idea where we're going even though I know the name. I like it that way.

One of the reason's Preacher man picked this Big Red Sir Cedar place is because it has path's I can run on since I'm still in training for that half marathon at the end of March. Since I pulled my achilles and was unable to do squat the month of January, I have fallen way behind on my training and have half a thought to just say, Poop! I will never run in a half! Every time I register, I get hurt and don't get to run. Now, for clarification, this is only the second half I have registered for. The first, I couldn't run cuz a zipper head pulled my hip flexor muscle and I was out for about 6 months. This time, I'm healed, pretty much and believe I can run this if I don't get hurt again. My time will suck, I will suck tons of air and I pray I just finish. I could walk it, but as I've stated before it's like drinking a non-alcoholic beer when you want the real thing. Besides, walking is boring!

So, I'm looking forward to our time at the Big Red Sir Cedar, having my folks show up for a while and eating a cake from Rick's, which will have to be another blog all together.  


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