Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yesterday I went for a run! I figured it was time to check out the ole' achilles to see if I was going to have a permeant limp or if my body still has it in it to heal! I only went for 3 miles, but in the scheme of things that was a good amount. I had a really good time while I was out there running through the neighborhood, watching all the roofers walk around on roofs, and I almost feel down just once, which is a good thing! The achilles was sore last night, so I iced it. This morning it's fine, however my quad's are a little tight, but I'm ok with that. I will rest today, if you call going to Spiritual Exercise class resting, and try again tomorrow.

Had some thoughts yesterday and took them to Jesus for clarification. I don't know if you noticed, I'm sure you have cuz only smart people read this blog, but I'm a little ruff around the edge's. Mind you, I'm not near as ruff as I once was, however, this is something I know about myself and have wondered why. So I asked Jesus about it and it went something like this here:

WHY? Am I wrong? Do I need to turn the other cheek, turn a blind eye? I know I was made this way, but I feel like John the Baptist!
Is that such a bad thing? Calling sin- sin.
No, but it doesn't make me very popular. (sad face, bottom lip poked out)
Exactly! John wasn't popular in a good way either. "To be humble is to live as close to the truth as possible" (St. Ignatius)
This is about me living as close to the truth as possible isn't it? I want to do nothing to cut myself off from God. I want to do the will of God!

Then Mary shows up. You know, the Holy Mother!
Sometimes the will of God doesn't make you very popular. Are you still going to do it? Can you speak the truth in love?
To speak the truth in love and walk on your path, is what you are called to do. You see things - You will see things for others, that they do not see or will not see for themselves. It's because you see the truth.
They want the gift without the giver!
I'm not calling you to something you can easily explain. I'm calling you to be who I made you to be.

In that, I find my hope. See, I've been working on this process for over 13 years. I've tried hard to change the core of who I am, so that I might be more of who God wants me to be. That's not what He wants. He wants me to be who He made me to be. Human! 

I'm the Preacher's wife and I'm ruff around the edges! I call it like I see it and I'm working on speaking that truth in love. I am in process! I believe that we are all called to live into our true authentic selfs! Don't know what that looks like? Ask! But you better be ready to get the truth. When you get the truth, you learn to love it, and you want it all the time! You see, truth has a way of setting you free!

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