Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So what do we do when we're disappointed? I am painfully aware of what I use to do and how I want that to change, like right now. Seems that old habits or ways of reacting are hard to change. What makes it even harder, is that I deal better with my own disappointed, than with someone else's. I'm at a loss of how to deal with that. 

For my stuff, I run and talk to God. I listen for what He's telling me in the small and big things of life. I always hear Him saying, I got this! I got you! But when it's a disappointment that effects, say Preacher man, I feel like I've donned my Wonder Woman out fit and I'm flying out the door headed towards all the bad guys that have caused this issue! I vent and foam at the mouth and really make a rather ugly scene, even if it really is all in my mind. I grab hold of the control stick and I go after it.

That's when it hits me smack in the face and I cock my head to the side a little, squint my eyes and look to the heavens asking, Is there a lesson here? Are you teaching me something, yet again? And that's when I see Jesus smile at me and hear God laugh, not so much at me, as with Jesus.

We all go through Disappointments, it's how we respond and react to them that's the rubber hitting the road. I got the ole' way down pat, it's this new way that I'm reaching for. Mainly cuz the ole' way doesn't do much good, and the fact that Jesus is calling me to a new way of doing things. He's calling me to be Preacher man's help mate, supporter and lifter upper. I have the awesome job of being the under pinning of a man that is listening to God and following His lead. It's not my job to fix the problems, that would be between Jesus and Preacher man. My job is to love him even when I want to shake him. To follow him, even when I think I know better where we are headed. To listen, instead of talk, even when he doesn't talk about it.

My heart is overwhelmed God! Lead me to the rock that is higher than I! Put your arm around my shoulder and cover my mouth with your hand. Help me stay out of the Wonder Woman out fit and be the help mate you made me to be.     

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