Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SEC Baby!!!

I have to admit, I LOVE the SEC! I believe that they are THE team to beat whenever they're playing...whatever! I did not go to an SEC school, I went to a Sun Belt school. However, my state is an SEC state and I'm on board with that! We also lived in Colorado, so when it comes to pro ball, I love the Rookies, and the Broncos!

I'm not going to talk about how Alabama waxed the floor with LSU last night and that Arkansas should be ranked number 3 in my option. I'm going to talk about how I tried for about 4 years to really hate Tim Tebow. 

As a member of the SEC, at least in my heart, I have a love/hate relationship with all the other schools in the SEC. In general, I love them all when they are playing outside the conference. In general, I hate the Florida gators! I hate the whole gator chopping thing, how cocky they are and that they won for so long. When I look at why they won for so long, Tim Tebow comes to mind. I have been watching this guy for years to see if he really was all that they said he was.

Now, all of the free world and maybe some of the unfree world has something negative to say about Tebow cuz he kneels to pray on the field, doesn't take on the media after a game, and is well, a Christian. He doesn't point to the heavens when they score, he runs to the end zone to give kudos to whoever made the play. He doesn't to the "Double check" when they score or make commercials about it. He's Tim Tebow, all the way through, and that's the way he was raised. He's the real deal and that makes people want to tear him apart!

There is also the other side that wants to make him more than he is, as Alise Write wrote about on Church Leaders, people want to make him an idol, a super Christian, and say stupid stuff like God is causing the Bronco's to win. People... Shut up! You are just showing how much you don't know!

You want to start to know Tim Tebow? Read his book! He's just a guy, like most other guys, only he plays football really well, and stands up for what he believes in, which happens to be Jesus Christ! In this day and age, it's getting harder and harder to stand up for Christ cuz your going to get cut down for it. So when someone does it, and does it from their heart and from true convection, I'm behind them all the way! Will he make mistakes along the way to a Super Bowl Championship? Probably, but let's hope it's nothing like Michael Vick. Will he always be a Florida gator? Yes, dang it! Does he like pizza? I bet he does. One thing for sure that I'm going to bet you can take to the bank, Tim Tebow will give all the glory and all the praise to God! We should take a note and see how it's done!        

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