Friday, January 13, 2012


I strained my achilles on Monday's run and I should be running 4 miles today, but I'm sitting it out for at least one more day. This is hard to do today because it's beautiful out there. 53 degrees, no real wind and the sun is shinning itself crazy. However, I want to live to run another day, so I sit.

That was written yesterday! Today, it's 23 degrees and it feels like it's 7! I was thinking about taking a walk today to see how the achilles was doing, BUT NO!!!! The birds aren't even at the feeder. They are throwing the seeds down on the ground and staying low in order to not freeze half to death. The squirrels are moving rather fast today too and there doesn't seem to be much playing around. Get out, get food, get home!

Here's what I'd like to share today,  DMSO! Dimethyl Sulfoxide. It's a by-product of the lumber business and a solvent. It is also a wonder drug in my opinion, at least now. When my crazy friend/manager Tammy told me about it I thought why don't I check it out. Her husbands cousin had a tractor run over his toes and they thought he was going to loose them. They remembered they had some DMSO that they used on who knows what and slathered it all over his toes. The next day, no bruising and he still had all his toes.

Come find out, this stuff is used mainly on horse's and NFL players. I could talk about how that makes tons of sense to someone, somewhere, but it was what swayed me to give it a try. I'm pretty impressed at this point with how the pain has subsided. I started it on Tuesday and it's now Friday. I'm going to try a fast walk today after resting and apply DMSO this week. This resting and waiting to heal is the hard part for me, as I'm sure it is with everyone else. 

So that's what I have to say about that. It's been a tuff week to try and post as I've had to be at work at 9. Here's to hoping next week is easier!     

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