Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I do the craziest things sometimes and wonder why I get riled up about it. Today is no exception, let me explain.

I subscribe to, well, I really don't know what it is, but it's called Stumbleupon. Every now and them I get some cool pictures, writing info, spiritual things and humor. Today I got something from them and my hackles are up about what they call spirituality. Spirituality equals whatever anyone thinks it should be. 

There is this person (Alan Watt) who wrote this, for lack of a better word, paragraph, about nothingness and how everything is nothing. We come from nothing, we go to nothing, it's all a dream and our minds are pure like the nothingness of space. HOG WASH! I don't know about you Alan Watts, Mr. nothingness guru, but I am the Beloved! It's his type of thinking that has crept into the church as spirituality and no one has stopped them and said, 
Hey buddy, your wrong!
We're all to afraid to hurt someone feelings, that we might run them off from the church or for goodness sakes, speak the truth!

Here's what I know, God made me, loves me, has an awesome plan for me, and I will be with Him when I die! I also have an idea about where Mr. Nothingness will be and I'm not sure it will equal nothing, or at least his idea of nothing. 

We, as the church, have got to start showing people what being a disciple of Christ is about. It's not a hour at "church" and 45 minutes at Sunday school for a total of almost 2 hours a week IN church. It's not about shuffling your kids into some organized mayhem once a week and thinking your teaching them about Christ. It's not about volunteering for everything anyone asks you to do, and thinking your doing your part to grow the kingdom. It's not about being comfortable, or only giving if you want to.

It's about surrender! Laying it all down and letting Christ do what He wants! It's about getting out of the way and letting the Holy Spirt run your service! It's about getting real with each other about our lives and walking through the muck and mire with each other. It's day in and day out time spent in the Word to hear what God wants to say to you! 

You don't have to go to the big city and pay huge amounts of money to be entertained by people who really don't need your money or know who you are. There are folks, right in your own church who have a story to share about what God has done for them. These are the stories we need to be hearing, from everyday, normal folks. 

But that would mean you'd have to take the time to get to know each other, and care and maybe see that there's more to people than nothingness.           

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