Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Why do we think there is a shortcut for everything? Is it because we found one once when we were young and trying to get home as fast as we could cuz Daddy had already whistled twice and if we heard it a third time, nothing good was going to come of life? We found that path that lead directly through the neighbors back lot, up the hill around the barking dog and into the light of the street that was 2 houses down from our house! BINGO! A shortcut to shave off time, save our butts and allow us to play just a little longer. The problem with finding that shortcut, is we look for them in all areas of our life from there on out.

I want a flat belly, no gray hair and to win a half marathon, and the sad news; there is no shortcut to a flat belly or winning a marathon and good luck with keeping the gray away!

So why do we keep looking for those shortcuts? I believe it's because we're lazy and we don't want to put in the work it requires to do anything. How many of you go out to eat more often than you cook at home? Why is that? How many of you think all you have to do to have a relationship with Jesus is show up at church once a week? Really?

The number of people coming to church is on a steady decline, and church hopping is at an all time high. Our churches have settled for shortcuts, compromise, and have dumbed down  the Gospel and have all but stopped making disciples! Why? Is it because it takes too much work and energy? Is it because people aren't worth the effort any more? What in the Sam Hill is going on?! I really want to know!

Back 13 years ago, I caught on fire for the Lord and it happened through two things; The Walk to Emmaus and a mission trip to Romania. These are 2 function of the church that I feel are must haves in order to make disciples for Christ. The Walk to Emmaus has been around for close to 60 years and I have seen more people get a calling on their life, change the direction they were headed and start pouring their lives out for the Lord because of it, than any other one thing. I also know that Preacher man would not have heard the call on his life had our church in Durango not tithed to the mission committee, so that we could go to Romania for a mer $300 each! These things take hard work and after you go on your walk, it takes even more hard work. But you can't fake it till you make it when it comes to Kingdom work!

Measurable isn't always the only thing that matters! Hard work is what getsherdone!          

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