Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shortest Day!

Today is the changing of the season. I haven't thought about it that way before. I usually think this is the shortest day of the year, from here on out we are headed to warm, summer heat! 

Today I'm thinking about changing with the season. For me, this is starting to look a little different. Winter is a time of rest and dying, so to speak. The trees have dropped their leaves and the sap has slowed down to a snails pace as it just rests up for what the next year will hold. I think it's pretty ironic that this day is always 4 days before Christmas, the craziest time of the year. I also think it's God's and nature's way of reminding us that this is Advent, a time of waiting and listening.

Preacher man and I were looking over next month and day's off I needed to ask for at the Creek. We have a few things that need to be taken care of and meetings that need to be attended. I have not had 2 days off in a row in I don't even know how long. That's what I get for being #2! Preacher man wants me to slow the work stuff down. I have a hard time with that as do about 99% of the population, because we get rewarded for our busyness! So here is my thought: How do we slow down and rest so we can receive a reward from God?

I have been wound pretty tight lately and carrying around my woundedness in a way that has been plain abusive to Preacher man. I have been unable to lash out at the originator of my hurt feelings, so he has gotten it much right upside his head. I have been very human lately, and while that's what God calls us to be, I have been human in a nasty sense of the word. So, that is going to stop, as much as it is with my power.

To change with the season is to let go of the what if's and the use to be's. It's to embrace the rest and the dying, to wait and be with that waiting. This is new and yet it's as old as the world. Surely we can't be green and growing all the time, we would freeze during this winter season. To prepare and wait is what changing is about.

I'm tired of trying to keep things that way they are and fighting against the tide. I'm letting go of my expectations of how things should be and I'm letting the water wash over me in a new way that I think will bring me peace.

I'm sorry, Preacher man, for being a mean heel! I know you understand, I shouldn't treat you like you don't!
Peace out!   

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Preacher man said...

of course I understand. You don't have to appoligize. But thank you, since you did. Love you even when your mean:-)