Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm pretty excited that today is here. I begin my seven month journey today. Retreat in daily life. It's like starting a new class that you sorta know what it's about but actually you don't know squat about it. I'm also in my 4th week in my Bible study at Central in Fayetteville, Voices and Choices. It's been GREAT!! Things are just going according to God's plan.

Had the Vessels for the Lord here this past weekend and the Holy Spirit showed up and rocked some folks! I walked away with a few things that I knew, but needed to be reminded of. We each have to step out on our own faith. Just because Preacher man has the faith to move a mountain doesn't transfer to me cuz we're married. I'm responsible for building my faith. So when God shows us or tells us about the Promise Land he has for us, it's our own faith that get's our butts off the couch and get's us on the road to cross that Jordan. Sometimes we just want to look at the Promise Land and wait for someone to usher us by the hand into it. A lot of times we expect this to be the Preacher. I see the Preacher like Joshua, in Joshua 3, when he stood and was still. The Preacher, your friends, your family or that person on the street that yells out "Repent the end is near!" can all show you the promise land. They can draw you a picture, describe the fruit and give you step by step instructions. But we each have to be responsible for walking it out, daily! Not just on Sunday for an hour, that time is when we should be coming together to celebrate, to worship, to be in awe of the one who made us!

Sadly this doesn't always happen cuz we are sitting back waiting to be taken into the Promise Land. We believe it's someone else's job to sing and celebrate, someone else's job to tithe, someone else's job to stand up and do something! We get stuck and I think when this happens it's up to the Preacher to upset our apple cart and get us back on the path! I do not go to church to have my ears tickled, do you? I go to hear about how I can build my faith, to learn that I'm not in control, and to gain knowledge that might just be hard for me to swallow. I go to hear God speak to me! God spoke to me this weekend and I'm just glad I was there to hear it!

Take time to listen to the birds,
the waves,
the wind.
Take time to breathe in the air,
the earth, the ocean.
Take time to be still,
to be silent,
to allow God to fill you up
with deep peace and love.

Maguire, The vision of Peace

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