Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where were you?

Preacher man started a blog yesterday asking the question, "Where were you the morning of 9/11?" and I'm going to run along side him during this week, blogging about that too. 
So where were you when the planes flew into the World Trade Center? I was getting ready for my second day of work at Manna Soup Kitchen in Durango Colorado. That's right, I had started on Sept 10th 2001. Is that bazar to anyone other than me? I had turned on the TV to pass the time as I got ready and I kept hearing excited voices. I went to the living room and there in all it's awful glory were the Twin Towers burning like candles. I could not believe it! I wanted to call Preacher man (before he was Preacher man) and tell him what I was seeing, but it was before the cell phone craze. I stared in disbelief at something I thought surly was someone playing a joke on me. I was so wrong. To this day, I still cry when I see programs about it. I still get upset when I hear people talk about how loving Islam is, and how we worship the same God. They do not worship my God, they worship Allah, and want all Zionist dead. I will go into that more later.
What I get the most upset about is that 10 years later, ton's of folks have forgotten. They have let the media and the now governor of NYC tell us we don't need to have prayer about this event. Let's not call attention to the Mosque they are wanting to build at ground zero either. That day our vocab list got bigger. We all know where ground zero is don't we? We know the battle cry from flight 93, "Let's Roll!" We know where we were and what we were doing when they decided their religion needed to be inflicted on us! 
Whether you think it or not, your life changed on 9/11.
So how are you going to remember it? Is your church doing anything? All I know is my heart is heavy as the day comes closer.   


Laurie said...

We're having a special service Sunday evening. I remember that day too...I was home w/ Jordan (4 y.o. at the time). We went to a special prayer service at the square in our town at noon & when we got home she brought me her play phone. She wanted me to call the president and ask if we were safe in our little town in IL. Broke my heart!!

Kimer said...

Thanks for sharing that Laurie. I think so often we remember but forget to share with each other.