Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm quit happy with today weather if I do say so myself! As I write, it's 75 degrees with a 56% humidity and a lovely breeze blowing at about 12 MPH. HOWEVER, I must also report that the mosquitoes are still alive and waiting for me to step foot out the back door. I have found that I must don on sweat pants, a tee shirt and spray down with Deep Woods Off before I can even water my plants. This would be one reason I like spring better than fall.
I talked the other day about being dust and breath, and I wanted to say a little more about that. Breath brings to mind lightness and airiness. A breath can be heavy, but the breath we're wanting to chat about is divine and light. Benner says Ego wants permanence and importance and is disdainful of anything that is here today, gone tomorrow. But from dust we come and to dust we shall return - everything passing nothing even to be remembered. (p.31) I believe that this is a place where we need to hang out and think about. We need to look at the heaviness in our life and see it for what it truly is, weight!
What in your life is keeping you from being light as a feather? Is it the push for more stuff, money, bigger car, prestige? Can you take any of it with you when you return to your dusty self? When we acquire our weight of possessions, they keep us held in a non-journeying position, which ends up not going anywhere. Don't you want to be going somewhere other than where that exercise wheel takes you? Isn't there more to this life than getting stuff, and going in circles? Then when are you going to jump off the track? Maybe when you have the answers? Do you even know the questions?
A key to all this is being an empty vessel that the spirit can fill, not a container that's already so full that nothing else can fit in. I find myself full of myself. My plans, my wants, my thoughts and agendas. All that needs to be emptied out, the weight dropped. But it's so hard sometimes isn't it? I do believe that if we would worry more about our own emptiness, we would see the more we drop the lightener our load becomes. When the load get's lighter, we are able to move freer. When we find we can move, the journey will begin. 
Preacher man and I have chosen to lighten our load. The process started about 7 years ago, when we said Yes! to God, really before we knew the question. The load isn't as light as it needs to be, but it's lighter than it was. We are loven the new lightness that comes with saying yes, and  loven the mystery. 
I get so tired of hearing: God is good, all the time, all the time, God is good. Know why? Cuz God ain't just good, He's GREAT!             

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