Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, the sun came up again this morning didn't it? Preacher man and I went for our herd walk and we were in time to catch the setting of the full moon. Man that bad boy was huge! I found myself waiting for something to happen yesterday, or to hear that they tried something. I don't know why. Watched some of the NY football players tear up and saw ground zero. 

I heard that right after 9/11 the churches had been packed for about 2 months, then everything went back to normal. I find that sad cuz I feel like the church missed a huge opportunity to be the church during that time. We didn't take the bull by the horns and call evil, evil. We called it a select few crazy people. Then I read one of Dr. Fred's blogs and he was talking about how the media had said we had lost our innocence on that day. I looked up innocence and this is what I found; the quality or state of being innocent;freedom from sin or moral wrong; state of being untainted with or unacquainted with evil. 
Us? Free from moral wrong? Are you kidding? Then Dr. Fred went on to say that surly they meant 9/11 signaled the end of naivete' - a state of denial that consists of a number of unnamed, indefensible assumptions:

There is no such thing as evil.

It can be reasoned away or 'niced' away.

It can not happen here. It will not touch me.

I don't need to be attentive to it's presence.

I do not need to sacrifice my comfort (never mind my life) in opposing it.

And I can not find it within.

He goes on to say Of course, these are not just indefensible assumptions. They are dangerous and self-indlgent. And it did not (or should not) have required a national tragedy to come to grips with the realization that they cannot possibly be true. We owe it to our parents and children to be spiritually wiser and stronger than that. And we owe it to those who dies on that day to foreswear feeling sorry for ourselves - and to practice vigilance, both within and without. The world did not change on 9/11. It has always been this way.

That my friends is the sad truth and we had better open our eyes. I'm not saying we need to see satan behind every bush, but we better get some perspective on the situation and do some dang research! The church had better stand up and be the church or someone else's religion will come in and do it! 

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