Monday, August 29, 2011


Got a call from the Big Cheese (aka Boss) yesterday wanting to know if I could come in an hour early on Tuesday. Sure, what's the big deal between 8 and 9 anyway? Well, all the district mucky mucks are going to be there so could I dress it up a notch? Dress it up a notch? Really? 
Did I tell you I had fallen from being #2 to now being #4? It happened when I needed to take some time off for the summer. Preacher man started talking about getting a night job and I thought, What the heck! If anybodies going to have 27 jobs, it's going to be me! So I asked Big Cheese if I could have more hours. I'm strangely motivated by this being #4, yet there is a huge part of me that's ready to bark, What are you going to do, fire me!?? See, I play at this job, I'm naturally good at it, so that helps, but I have fun with it. I'm at the point in my life where if it's not fun, I'm not doing it. My buddy Anne and I are really #1 and #2 in my book. If we can't help you, well you need to go to a different store and bother someone else, cuz if we can't help you, you can't be helped! 
Found out yesterday that mom and dad are coming up on Thursday, that should be fun. We always have a good time with them! Main reason for their visit is to pick up the 2 cases of pickles dad ordered. He try's to tell me he's going to sell them, but I know! He'll have a quart jar gone before he can get home, and it's a 4 hour drive! He's good for business though! So I need to clean the house today and I need to get on it. I would rather read and look for butterflies! Oh and I need to get ready to dress it up a notch tomorrow! 

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