Friday, August 19, 2011

Black Beauty!

My Huffy!
I made a flying trip down to Fort Smith to see Sisters Rachel and Hillary, get my last interview in to see if I was accepted into the Retreat in Daily Life, filled up with gas (it's cheaper there) and flew back home. I have good news, I have been accepted to participate in the seven month experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius! I'm so excited about this! It starts in Oct. and should be done around May. I took two pints of pickles down for the sisters and Hilary ended up selling them to another sister. Rachel was a little miffed that she got to hold her gift for about 20 seconds before Hillary said I sold these 2 can you get us more? They are the funnest gals to hang out with.  
Back side of Huffy!
We had to mail pickles and go pick up a tent for the block party tomorrow at one of the schools around here. While we were walking around the store I found a Huffy bike on clearance. It has one speed and no hand brakes, and a big seat for my big seat to sit on! Do you see the white walls? This is so old school, I love it! I told Preacher man I was going to get a basket for the front and I think he thought about disowning me for a second. This bad boy even has fenders! I could get some cards and stick them on the fender and make that really cool sound, remember? This baby is built for style not speed! 
 Check out the R, theres a L on the other side so I know where to put my feet! How cool is that huh? I was a little concerned when I read the warning on the middle ball cracker bar. 
R is for Right!
Seems there are four rules and I can tell you right now, I'm breaking the first one! I have no helmet and will argue with anyone who asks me about it. When you make people who ride those gas burning fast bikes wear helmets again, I will think about getting one! Fair enough? Hope so. So now Preacher man and his wife have bikes! We will be able to get on the bike path and ride for as far as we can, which I'm sure won't be too far to start with! Do you know how excited I am to be able to do some exercise with Preacher man? I don't think there is enough gold in China (maybe now there is) to pay him to run! So this is what we have compromised on! I really wanted a bicycle built for two, but he would put me in the back and I wouldn't be able to see anything but his back. If you think about it, if he put me on the front, theres no telling where we'd end up and then I start pointing and taking my eyes off the road and running over those noisy strip things on the side of the road and... sounds like I know what I'm talking about huh?

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