Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy or not?

Camper on I-40
AR Annual Conference
We made it home from the action packed Arkansas Annual Conference without much trouble. Took too long to get there because of what you see in the picture lying across the road this side of Conway. Sat there in 100+ heat waiting.... Stayed with Joy again this year who is our friend we met when we went to Israel in 2009. Love this lady, she had a lot to do with me becoming a Master Gardener, cuz her is one. Came home with some plants that she said I just had to have. This always makes me happy and it makes Preacher roll his eyes. We spent time with her and she introduced us to the Confessing Movement last year, so we were again this year to their breakfast. Heard a great speaker, Rev. Chris Bounds, Ph.D. who is from Asbury! Went to the Asbury luncheon and heard from one of my favorites JD Walt! Had dinner with family friends, the Z's, who are always a lot of fun to hang out with. Voted, sat around, voted some more, bought a few plants from a dude that I got a plant from last year, voted and sat around some more. I will not get into what all was talked about at this time, however I may in a day or two after I get some work done around here and the church and go to the Creek the next two days. Sorry that I found no time to post anything while I was gone. Preacher man did have his laptop, but we never brought it to conference. 
We will be making a trellis today for my tomato plants to grow up, so I will post about that later!
Peace out!

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redheadbeck said...

Glad you made it home safely!! Excited for you about your new plants that make preacher man "roll his eyes!!" LOL!!!

Love, hugs and prayers fellow traveler!!!