Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simple rantings!

The long and short of it seem to point to simplifying, or at least I would like for it to look that way. Take running, it sure would be nice to have a treadmill sitting in the house so that I could just jump on it at any time and go for a run. But isn't it simpler to walk outside and let your feet hit the asphalt? Hummm. 
I think so many of us get caught up in having it all and doing all the cool stuff and being the best at it, that we become too complicated and over run with stuff and things. When was the last time you were able to just get away for an overnight visit? It's hard isn't it? We got the animals to think of, our meetings, work, family members, school and just life. Where did this all come from you might be asking. From the flooding that's happening in my state and the tornados that destroyed parts of Alabama. If you are in a flood, if your lucky enough to get warning to get out, what are you taking with you? The treadmill? I think not, but I bet you get your running shoes! The herd would get packed along with their food and bowls, do you have something to put water in? Are you even getting where I'm going with this? Do I? If you can't take it with you, why do you have it?
My questions seems to be in response to things that have been going on around me and in me lately. The price of everything is just now starting to go up, when will it stop? People are hurting and they are waiting on the government to fit it. This makes me crazy cuz I feel like if the church would do it's job, the government would stay out of so much of it's business. But the church is loosing people faster than ever, so who's going to do the church's work? 
I'm going to visit Saving Grace, a transitional program for 18-25 years old females that are aging out of the foster care system, on Wednesday morning and that afternoon I'm going into Loving Choices, a crisis pregnancy center, to see what I can do to be the church. 
Preacher man tried to explain it to me this way last night, as I was struggling with a phone call from DHS. Our calls are not like anyone else's call and on top of that, they change. I was so good at the soup kitchen and with my people, while that was my call. Now, I could do it, but my passion is changing and becoming more focused. From a huge population of hurting to a select group of hurting. Preacher man had his own business, was great at it and loved working alone. He has gone from helping a small focus group, to a much larger group of people. While his focus has gotten larger, mine is becoming more specific.
So where am I going with all this? I was so hoping someone could tell me. I read one of JD's quotes today and this is what it said:
Pay attention
Be astonished
Tell about it 
It's that easy, it's that hard. So today I start with simplifying my life, so there is more for others. I can't do it all, be it all or have it all. I can pay attention to what God is showing me everyday. I continue to be astonished by what he shows me as I'm paying attention. I have always found it easy to tell about it, however I want to tell about it in a way that makes you think, "Hey, maybe I can't do it just like her, but look at how she tweaked what everybody else was doing to fit it to what God is calling her to do." So that you can tell about it in your life.
So yes, this was the rantings of a Preacher man's wife today, but someone has to say it. If you simplify, you will have more to give of your stuff and yourself to others that need you. 
Pay attention to what God is showing you today!    

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