Monday, May 30, 2011


Preacher man did a great job yesterday and I'm sure he stepped on some toes, but that's part of his job. Have you ever been the one to step on toes? Do you try and please everyone so we 'can just all get along'? I use to be like that, I know it's hard to believe but I use to say "I don't do confrontation." Then I ended up with flat toes, and a dirty back, cuz everyone used me as a door mat! Got a little tired of that after I was seeing that it really wasn't working for me. Preacher man and I have had this conversation a hundred times if we've had it once, but who have you ever heard say, "I love confrontation!"? Anyone? If they do say that, you might stay away from them, huh? I have come to the conclusion, while I don't love it, I'm not afraid of confrontation anymore. 
I say this as we prepare this week to go to Annual Conference (AC). We will be staying with a lovely lady that we met on our trip to the Holy Land, Joy! We stayed with her last year and I gotta tell you, she has moxie! I love talking with her about the Bible and the church, mainly cuz she's been around the block and also because she isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Joy has seen and been apart of what happens when the church doesn't stand up for what it knows is right. Prayer just walked right out of the class rooms and the church let it happen. You maybe saying, separation of church and state, before you say that to me you better make sure you know what your talking about. You better go back and read why we even have that in our constitution. While I don't mind talking to you about it, I don't take to kindly to stupidity and ignorance. 
We vote this year at AC for delegates to go to General Conference, which is the big Church that meets every four years and makes the big decisions for the whole UM church. The hot topic has been and will again be gay rights. While people are leaving the church, left and right and as other denomination say it's ok, the UM church has stood by the Bible, for the time being, and said No to the gay thing. If we don't educate ourselves on what's at stake, we will let this one walk right by us too. Here's my thinking on it, and again, I want to remind you this is my blog and I will tell it like I know it! God say's same sex anything is a sin. PERIOD! Sin = Death. Get it? Yes, God loves the sinner, because we ALL are sinners, but he HATES the sin. Get it? I will talk to you about it, but again, you better make sure you know what your talking about before you come talk to me about it. I live by the Holy Book, the only Book that matters, the Holy Bible! And I vote, and speak my mind, so there!          

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