Friday, May 6, 2011

Part of the whole

I woke up this morning after a strange dream about having a house overfilled with people. No  one would listen, and the house reminded me a lot of our trailer days in Colorado and Arizona! It pretty well freaked me out and I asked God if there was a point to it. He let me chew on it for awhile and this is what I believe it was about. Everyone is not called to do the same thing. We can throw seeds out there, but then we gotta walk away knowing it's someones else's job to water, and even someone else's to harvest. I don't believe God made us as Supermen and Wonder-women, He made most of us normal and needy. I for one am becoming more and more ok with that. 
So what does this say about where I am right now? A lot! I'm becoming more and more ok with where I am and where I see God calling me. I am also becoming ok with where I have been and that being through places have prepared me for a life that lies ahead if I would but see it through the window that God is opening. My great friend Pat would ask me this, "What is God saying?" She doesn't move until God rolls out the play book. I, on the other hand, am more running out front pointing, "Is this it? Is this it?" I have learned a ton from being friends with Pat and the most important thing is waiting. I think this would be a good place to mention that this running ahead thing might be why I don't do well fishing. I love the whole idea of fishing, but waiting on the fish...
So I am waiting with both eyes open to hear what God is showing me. I am remembering that yes, I have done a lot at different places in my life. I have turned a non profit upside down and made it great, then I let it go, before it was taken away from me. I did it while kicking the dirt and saying things like, "they will never be able to do it the way I did it." I am now ok with that. Because you have to drop stuff out of your hands before God will refill them. If I stand here with full hands, how am I going to be available to receive what He has for me next? So, I'm in a really good place right now and I'm pretty happy to be here!
I am ok with doing my part, even if it doesn't look like your part. I'll do my part, you do your part and together, with others doing their parts, we'll have a whole!    


Lindsay said...

...the body of Christ is made up of many parts. We can't all do the same thing or we don't function, right?

Kimer said...

Right on Girlfriend!!