Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Friends!

I went and hung out with some beautiful friends yesterday that we have meet through our CALL training. One of them has their house open, the other is waiting, which is something that is really hard to do. We are unsure as to way it is taking so long with, what we are being told are the finger prints. I am a little suspicious about all this mainly because I have had tons of background checks done, even when I was substituting teaching and it never takes this long. I am also concerned that we (Preacher man and me) beat both of these family to being 'open' and no one is more organized and on it like these two friends! Anyway, (I'll call her 'Sweetheart') Sweetheart had this great idea to open a clothes closet for foster kids. We can get calls in the middle of the night and be asked to take a 5 year old boy who is in a meth house. If this happens they are not allowed to leave the house with anything, as meth has contaminated everything. So we would call Sweetheart and tell her the sex and age of the child and she get's us set up with great clothes...for free! She does this mainly out of her home and needs help with organizing all the stuff. So while I'm not the organized type person, I do follow directions and love to help and hang out with the coolest of people! So yesterday, we worked the shoes! I would have had the best sandals if my foot was smaller!
Today I sent an email to "Saving Grace" which is a transitional housing opportunity for girls that are aging out of the foster care system. A lot of these aging out folks don't have the skills to get ahead in the world and Saving Grace is there to offer help. (I'll call her Organized Queen) Organized Queen told me about this place and it appeals to my heart. So, we'll see where this goes. I am also on my way to the Creek for what I think is a "One Creek" day. This is when everything in the store is 35% off and it's crazy... I hope the days goes by fast! 

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