Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nothing is wasted!

Have you ever had a morning where you just had to talk things out and then find someone else to talk it out some more, then talk to yourself some and add in the Preacher man again? Well, that's me today! I started slipping into the abyss again late yesterday afternoon and kept on going into the night. I woke up this morning and after checking my email, called Pat first thing! Talked about life changing things and how we were going to be praying for each other, jumped in the shower and headed off to Starbucks to talk to my partner in training, Lindsey! Talked about life changing matters and headed home where I continue to talk poor Preacher man's ear off! Needless to say, I'm better for being able to talk it out and better because the sun is shinning! 
What I came away with this day is that our past prepares us for our future! If we will but pay attention to what's going on, in a few months, or years, it becomes as clear as glass what the heck is going on, sort of. Nothing is wasted in God's eye's...nothing! He uses it all sooner or later, and it needs to be used for His glory! So if we are open to the moving of the Holy Spirit, and seek the will of God, doors will start to close and windows will begin to open.
The first time I went to St. Scholasitca I picked up 2 cards that have a verse for your name. I picked up the Kimberly and the Kim. Today is a Kim day! It says:
"Chief Ruler"
Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and of good courage;
Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the Lord your God
is with you
wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9
Yip, it's a Kim day...maybe even a Kim week huh?

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