Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where is the Sun?

I don't know how things grow around here without sun, but they do! I don't think I've seen the sun since last Wednesday! The reason I bring this up is two fold. 
One, is I think it effects the way we feel and our attitudes towards, well, everything. My attitude has been a little on the bad side and I have noticed that even when things are going bad, if the sun is shinning, I'm in a pretty dang good mood! So not having the sun out has been a little hard on Preacher man and I've been trying to be a little more light hearted. It doesn't always work, but I'm trying! 
Two, my lettuce isn't growing as fast as I want it to! Neither are the carrots or garlic for that matter. It has been nice that we've gotten some rain with this no sun thing going on, but the temperature could rise some! Tomorrow is the first of April, wait, no it's not, never mind! It is the end of March and it should be warmer than 45! 
Enough of that, I work for the rest of the week and this should be it for working a lot. Next week my hours go down to two days a week with an occasional Saturday. I have to work at the Farmer's Market for Master Gardeners in April and I just have to get other stuff done and not work so much! Which is hard because I'm good at what I do and they want to work me. I let myself get caught up in that, "but they need me!" junk and I have to try and be strong. Why is it we find it so hard to tell people who think they need us "NO!" When I told one of the managers I was cutting back on hours, she said big boss would have to do some hiring. Right away I thought 'Oh no! I can fix this problem by working more and then I'll have money and blah blah blah!' So I took a deep breath and said, "yeah, I guess she will." It's hard cuz I'm a problem solving, need to be needed, hard working Preacher man's wife, who's learning that simpler is better and time can't be bought!
So, if where you are has sun shining today, would you please get out in it for me? Soak up all the Vitamin D you can, mom says we need it! More on that later!   

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invade my heart... said...

love the post, kim!!! also LOVE your occupation.... housewife and healer... doesn't get much better than that!!! <3 you friend!