Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I wish...

Our first CALL family in Benton County is taking their first placement today! Very exciting! We went through CPR training with them and think the world of them! We have paperwork done and are waiting for our home visit. We still have things to do to the house, but we're getting there! 

I read a friends blog yesterday about adoption and it got me to thinking and wondering why couples go outside the US to adopt? I get the whole idea about saving the world and I know first hand how awful those orphanages are over there, but are these people looking in their own town's and counties to see what's going on? We seem to think we live in this great country that takes care of it's own, when we forget that people are still in charge and messing things up everyday. 

The story was told in this blog about a little girl that spent the first 18 months of her life in a crib, alone, unheld and unloved. When this family got her, they spent the 1 year just trying to get her to relax enough to be held. She has attachment issues and will probably have them her whole life. However, she was taken out of her 'home' country and brought here to the land of milk and honey, which very well could have saved her life. But what about the kids that are already here, alone, unheld and unloved? The kids that are being raised in Meth homes and sleeping on the floor. Do you know that when they find these kids, they can't take anything with them? Not even the clothes on their backs because Meth is all over them. 

We have heard of kids that have been in the foster system for years and are ready to be adopted right now, which means the parents and families members have given up parental right so they don't 'belong' to anyone. No one is adopting them. The really strange thing is adopting a foster child is free. I mean you have to go through the hoops that we have, but it hasn't cost us thousands of dollars to do and learn what we're done. Yet, the people who want to adopt are dropping ton's of money, traveling around the world, jumping through a lot of hoops to bring children into a country that can't and won't even take care of it's own citizens. Does that hit anybody the way it hit's me? 

The sad part is, they will all have attachment issues! Children that aren't wanted in the womb, will have attachment issues. It only get's harder as they get older and see that no one wants them. Then, if they aren't adopted by the age of 18, they op out of the system and are free to do their own thing as they see fit and as they have been taught. To be apart of our nation and work (maybe) and pay taxes so that someone else will take care of that child that they had and didn't know how to take care of, because no one taught them or took care of them!

So while I am happy that people are adopting children, I wish they were our children. While I get the whole "loven a baby" thing, I wish they would love a teenager. I also understand saving the world, but wish we would take care of our own backyard before we brought others into it.       

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redheadbeck said...

Amen! I totally agree with this "take care of your own backyard!!!" And I don't understand, whether it be mission work or adoption-there are so many needs here and even more I rarely give to charities outside of my home town (there are a few)but I try to see the need "in my own backyard!"

You're getting close to having kids in your house!!!!! I'm excited for them and for you!!! Many prayers and hugs today!!!! Love you!