Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to it!

Have you ever had an amount of time that you thought nothing was getting done and then when you look back you'r surprised because stuff somehow got done? That's how this past week has been with hanging at the house cuz we can't move snow off the roads! I'm sure you will be glad when I have something else to gripe about besides Arkansas snow removal. 

I got my last book read and my paper wrote over the weekend. I'm wanting for editing to happened from Preacher man, who is starting to get sick. Now I am trying to decide which book I want to read for me before March and 4 more books get dumped on me. 

We had our last confirmation class with the three amigo's! They will stand before the church this coming Sunday and will be confirmed into the church. I love seeing people come of age! 

I started the sign up process for our picture directory at church. I'm sure this will be an experience that will cause me to question more than a few things! 

We rang in church yesterday and it sounded really good! It was a fun piece and I hope we can do more of that! 

Football is over and the Bronco's didn't win, so bring on Nascar, and spring would be nice. 

The dog's are so pent from not being allowed to go on walks that they're making us crazy. The cat just wants you to sit down so he can sit on you and the stupid black birds have found the back yard and are descending on us like the plague!

I'm going to work today, unless we get a freak snow storm before 11:00. From the looks of the school across the street, school is meeting for the first time in over a week. That will make for mom's to want to get out of the house and go shopping, so bet's are we're busy today. Looks like this means I will have to do a lot of showering this week! Dang it!

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