Saturday, January 15, 2011


Preacher man and I just spent over nine hours at the church going through our first PRIDE training. What the heck, you might ask... well, I'm going to tell you even if you don't ask! I figure if you didn't want to know, you wouldn't be wasting your time reading this blog. Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education. Have I impressed you yet? Well, let me just say that I feel it's pretty dang sad that we #1 have to go through this training, because I feel birth parents should be able to handle it. #2 I can not believe we have waited this long to try and make a difference. Let me tell you right off the top, Preacher man and I are not looking for the perfect baby to come along, mainly cuz everyone wants one of those. We are asking for 8 -17 year old sibling groups. This house that we are in right now will hold four kids, we are allowed by the state to take no more than eight! If you don't remember or haven't had children this age, these are the years that most kids should be locked up. Here we are asking for them...what the heck, you maybe asking. Well, I'm not sure if I can even explain it, but we believe everyone should be loved and should be wanted. We know these are the hardest ages to love, let alone want, so why wouldn't we say "Yes!" 

I woke up this morning full of self doubt and wondering what I had gotten myself into. I can't even be a good enough wife to the Preacher man, how in the world am I going to be able to live through this training, let along let kids into my life. I cried under my sunglasses all the way to church, asking God, What in the world are you thinking! We are the only couple out of ten that don't have any biological kids, and I'm pretty sure we are the oldest and I'm old enough to be most of these folk's mom! But somewhere during the day a peace came over me that I pray sticks around. Of course I can't do this, that's why there are two of us and with God that makes three! I have no idea about our support system, cuz we don't have one in the church and we don't have that many friends who don't think we have lost our minds anyway! But I'm feeling like this is something that we need to do, not because we can make a difference, cuz I know we can, but because we need to help others see that they need to do it too. If this doesn't kill us, maybe someone else will take the chance and open themselves up to what God can do if you would just say, Here I am Lord, send me! 

On top of all this craziness, my sweet Preacher man get's a call from his older and dumber brother. Come find out, his mom has been in the hospital for over a week and no one has called until today! No one has had the common decency to call, email, text or send a letter! I am beside myself with what I would call pure rage! Preacher man on the other hand, is taking it in stride and being very Jesus like about it all. So I have come to the conclusion that if he is acting like Jesus, I must be Peter the hothead, with no filter on my mouth and a sword in my hand! Pray for us!     

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redheadbeck said...

Well I for one don't think you are crazy for doing what you are doing!!! I think it's a very "put your money where your mouth is mission!" And I'm all about missions right here in the US-because there are so many needy right here under our nose!!! I'm praying for you!!!