Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Question #1

I want to look at one of the Holy Club's questions today and see how it applied to my life yesterday. I had to work with Elaine yesterday at the Creek. If you have forgotten, she is the one that test's me, and I might add others, to keep my hands at my side and not around her neck! When we come into work, we are "Creeked In". Which means we are told where we are stationed within the store, what our goals are for the day and where we stand with sales and any other blah blah that needs to be talked about. Elaine can not stay in her area, she can't wait on more than one person at a time and she says things in front of the customers that are inappropriate and rude. Like, yelling the customer what they can and can't wear. Here's my thinking, try it on, if YOU like it, YOU wear it. I will give you my opinion, but I won't tell you that you can't wear something. Anyway, Anne or I are usually the ones posted in the fitting room. I believe it is because we do a good job (Anne taught me), are honest and don't drive the customers crazy with stupid comments and dumb stories. We help customers get there stuff into a room, bring them different sizes of things and help them get a whole look going on. So if your working the floor you bring the person to the fitting room and pass them off, so to speak. Not Elaine, she has a vested interest in every stickin' person she talks to and undermines all team work. In fact the only team work she understands is her own team. The team of Elaine. So here's the question:

  • Am I consciously or unconsciously creating the impression that I am better than I really am? In other words am I a hypocrite?
I don't believe I am creating the impression that I'm better than Elaine. I am better than her at a ton of things, one of which is not being annoying! I don't like her, she knows it and she wants to get under my skin at every turn. So you know what I do? I walk away. I will not be around someone who brings out the worst in me. The old Kim would have lipped off, and let me tell you a few times it has all but spilled out of my mouth. Am I a hypocrite? I don't think so. I know how I fell about her and so does everyone else. The hypocrites are the ones that act like she's ok and doing what she should be doing. I will not put on airs about how intolerable she is! My question is why hasn't she been let go? I have been there for four months and know more than she does and she's been there four years. 

SO, that's how I answer that question today, about yesterday. Anne always tells people I tell it like it is. While I maybe the Preachers Wife, I am not a push over or a hypocrite. God has a lot of work to still do in me, but at least I'm honest about who I am and who you are.   

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