Monday, January 31, 2011

New Week!

For the record, I know a few people read the blog, I was just trying to, I don't know what I was trying to do.

OK, New week! Thank you Jesus that January will soon be over! I can honestly say that I have learned more this month than any other month in all my life! I am so full of knowledge right now that I'm spewing it everywhere in all kinds of random order. Preacher man and I graduated last night from out PRIDE training for The CALL with nine other couples. These people will be becoming more and more important in our lives and I'm sure we will share laughter and tears together! I also will graduate as a Master Gardener today, even though we have a snow make up day tomorrow, which may get snowed out! So I have tons of info about plants, insects, court dates, pruning, locking up chemicals or is it med's (yes, it's both), dog safety, herb soil pH, and attachment issues. So I'm off to get another certificate!     

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Leslie said...

You've been trying to get us riled up and talking ;-)
What is The CALL? Guess I've missed that on the blog.
When do you get kids?
When will you start gardening? I ate the last of my pickles last weekend ;-( Gonna miss those garlic pickles.