Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What just Happened?

I guess I have taken enough time away from the computer and it's time to try and get back at whatever it was I was doing before Christmas blew through here. Do you find yourself looking around and asking the question, "What just happened?" Did we or didn't we just have a house full of people here? I went into work at the Creek yesterday and when I came home the place had changed yet again. You could see the floor! If I haven't told you before, Preacher man is one organized, cleaning machine. I will get it so clean you can eat off it, but he makes it so you can walk to the bathroom without flying through the air as you trip over something. There is still too much food in the frig, mainly because my sister and her bunch forgot to take any food with them when they left. But again, here's my question, "What just happened?"

Where you changed by the coming and going of this season? Did something strike at your heart and change you? Were you so plugged up to your electrical device that you didn't really notice? Here are something that I noticed and that changed me. Three out of seven people know how and do can carry on a conversation without the aid of some kind of a electrical device. When I noticed this, I was taken back in my memory to Christmas at Grannie and Grandaddy's house. We would leave Osecola and head south, making a stop at Four Dice,  (I'm sure this isn't how it's spelled, but it's my blog and I can do what I want here!) to eat all the Christmas goodies we could get our hands on at Aunt Betty's. We would stand around and eat and talk and eat some more. I think sometimes we would stop on our way home, but again, who's telling this story? We would get to El Dorado and unpack and start eating. Now picture this: not a counter could be seem because of all the stuff on top of it. Not all of it was food, but on top of it all was the food! It was everywhere and we would sit around and talk for hours, to each other, face to face. On Christmas, I found myself texting my nephew and he was sitting five feet from me!

Here's my point; I miss that time in my life when we would have nothing better to do than sit and talk to each other, go for walks and eat! Now we sit at a table with electric devices in our laps and text the people we wish we were with. We stay more focused on our computers and our emails than we do with our own flesh and blood that sits right across from us. I'm a little pissed in seeing that in my own family, cuz I'm a hold out for tradition, or maybe I miss the way it use to be. I miss simple! 

So what just happened with you and your Christmas? Now don't get me wrong, it was good! I found myself tearing up at occasions and feeling the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. Barb and I prayed over the church before the Christmas Eve service and before Preacher man preached on Sunday and it was a Holy time for me! But what happened for you? I will spend sometime reflecting on this in the coming blogs, unless I get side tracked by something. 

Oh Look!!! Birds are taking a bath at the waterer!      

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redheadbeck said...

So glad you are back! I was rummaging around for your email address because I was missing you! I'm really in a funk today and trying to pray my way out of it, so I don't really want to comment too much on here. Love you!