Friday, December 3, 2010

Not Ashamed either!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had to write my discussion question for Polity and it took me longer than I planned. I have to polish up my research paper and take an online test sometime after the 13th, then I will be done with that dang class. For Spiritual Direction this month, I'm reading Seeking God in all Things, theology and spiritual direction by William Reiser. Can I just say, I'm having a hard time with it so far! It is deep and unenjoyable right now and I am struggling with it. 

Got two things to chat about today, one being the comment that was left on the last blog from an anonymous person who I believe was from PETA. I have changed the settings on the blog and you must ID yourself if you leave a comment now and heres my reasoning. If I say some things about Heifer International and how good they are and you don't agree with me you are allowed to voice it but don't be scared to tell me who you are. The point of my blog was to get out and make a difference not to lift up HI. You, my unknown friend, had no right to slam them on my blog, you do however have the right to slam them on your own blog! This is my playground and you are not allowed to play here anymore! That's why I deleted it and changed my settings, we play fair here!

Second, I found the "Not Ashamed" video purely by accident this morning, but it was a wake up call for me. (You will find it posted under this posting.) Yesterday at the beloved Creek, I found out I can't answer the phone and say "Merry Christmas" I must say "Happy Holidays"! I know, you can see me having a fit right now can't you? I am not ashamed of being a cross toting Christian, and I will say Merry Christmas and not happy holidays to people. Their reasoning is they don't want to offend anyone, well I'm offended in that! But being an employee, I don't count. I shard my frustration with the Preacher man (Alex) and he asked if I could say "Happy Hanukkah" I have not found out the answer to that yet, however I'm thinking the answer will be no. So Preacher man had a great idea, instead of not answering the phone, which is my answer, he says say "Happy Holy-days" cuz that's where the word came from! Is that not the best idea? I can't wait to give it a try today! Oh and guess what? The big district boss will be there today...they already told me I couldn't make animal sounds while she was there. Don't act like I'm crazy, when you hear the Twelve Days of Christmas song and they go through all twelve you know you fell like letting out a 'Moo' or a 'Bah'. Well I do and it always gets a good laugh, which helps the world go around. So I have to be on my best behavior and that might last for ten minutes, at which time I might get fired and sent home. VIA LA CHRISTMAS! Moooooo!     


Jeane said...

I love you. hope you know that. i totally agree with you on the Merry Christmas.

redheadbeck said...

Ha! LOVE it!! I'm so PROUD to be your friend!!! You go!! You cross-toting christian!!!