Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nice and easy!

The Preacher man went and picked out our Christmas tree yesterday and I gotta say, he did a really good job. He always does as long as I stay out of the decision! I really don't know when this tradition started but I think it was when we lived in Colorado. I came home one day and there it was, standing on the back porch in a five gallon bucket of water! We have gone out and cut them before, but we seem to be running out of time lately and besides, someone has already cut trees so why not use them. Preacher man also hung up some lights around a quarter of the house. I'm voting for more lights as we haven't even gotten any over the pointy part of the garage. We'll see how that goes, but it does look like we forgot something when you stand out in the road. 

The garlic is coming up nicely, thanks for asking. Looking at it, I don't know if I have enough planted, but Preacher man put the fences around it to try and keep the cat and squirrels out of it, so I guess we'll wait and see. Now I don't know if squirrel eat garlic, but I don't want to take any chances. I really don't think the fence would keep them out unless I made it "hot" and I don't want to be accused of unethical treatment of rodents by any groups out there! Speaking of rodents, I told you that we have moles right? Well, we still have them however Gracie has discovered them and thinks they are great fun. Preacher man said while he was out back putting the fence around the garden, Gracie started digging and the next thing he knew she was buried in the ground up to her neck! I don't know if she has caught a mole yet, I do know that she is tearing up their home and bring dirt into the house! I sometimes think it would be fun to live on a farm again, but I think living in town right now is all the excitement I can handle. 
Annunciation to the Shepherds

Preacher man is going into church to make sure the building is open for "The Call" (Children in Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime) training. We will be starting our training next month and we're praying that God prepares our hearts and the hearts of the kids He will bring to us. We tried to get into this training, but it was already full. We also have to spend a whole Saturday doing CPR training! I can't even tell you how many times I've done that training. Strange how birth parents don't have to know anything about CPR, yet foster parents do. Oh well. 

Christmas parties start this weekend with the Creek party at Vicki's. I have to get a gift and make some kind of food that goes with soup. On Monday, I will have to sit through a live chat review for Polity class. Can't even find the words to tell you how I'm looking forward to that! If you get out 'there' today, remember that the reason for the season, is Jesus and let him shine from inside of you. That means no pushing or grabbing things out of people hands, especially mine as I put clothes back where they came from!

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