Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joy spreading!

We have a rather long list of things to do today, but oh how I love to be able to do them together! Momma is sending us to Sam's to have tastes of the holiday food they are selling to see if maybe that's what we want for Christmas, so I won't be eating anything before we head out. We will also be going to the beloved Wal-Mart and Lowe's, before coming back to the house and attaching the dang leaves that won't stop falling off the trees. Next week, I believe all week long, we will be able to have sacks of leaves picked up at no extra charge. We are limited to 30 bags and I bet we use all 30 of them. If we had a small dog, it would get lost in all the leaves we have.

On the way into work yesterday I was listing to BOTT radio, which I love cuz it's got all the great preachers on there. Anyway,  Alistair Begg was talking about joy and it got me to thinking about why we don't act more joyful. We are fixen to start the Christian new year with the season of Advent people! We get all wrapped up in what we have to mark off our list and how we don't have what we want, and we really just need to stop it! Do you have a roof over your head, someone to spend the holiday's with and food on your table? Are you one of the fortunate ones that will get to be with your family this season? Then sit down and spend sometime together doing nothing but being together. Do you have any idea how many kids don't even have someone to spend time with?

So I went into work yesterday determined to spread joy to the people who cane into the Creek! You know what, it worked! We started having a really good time and I was singing the new Christmas songs that we got in yesterday and people were loven it! Two ladies wanted what ever it was that I had been drinking and an old guy just sat in one of the big chairs and just laughed at me. It was great! My friend Anne was there and we always have a grand time together. I asked her if she knew the song "Mele Kaliklmaka" which is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. She told me that she had heard it before but didn't know the words. I told her I would teach her the words and we could sing it together whenever it comes on. She's game, she likes spreading the joy too. Won't you join us? 

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