Monday, November 1, 2010

Inclusiveness Blahh!

I have decided that I must get a pedicure today, at any cost. I actually think I tripped while running today, because my nails need cutting. The last time I went, "can't cut them short" got a hold of me, and I needed to have "I run on a treadmill" cut them. At least she knows what "They are hitting the end of my shoes" means. So that's on my list of things to get done, along with cleaning the bathrooms, laundry, ironing and switching out clothes. Before I left for the weekend, Alex got my winter boxes down from the attic. However, he forgot to unpack them and refill the boxes with summer stuff. Oh well! 
Had a good weekend up at Mount Eagle with 19 other students who really don't know what we got ourselves into. A lot of time was given to sitting and listening to The Reverend Dr. Fred Schmidt, who is a very learned man and someone that I am beginning to like, mainly because he seems to stand for something and tells you so. The Methodist church, along with most of the country, is becoming politically correct in its language and thought process. This is something that will have to be branded on me with a hot poker, because I'm just not put together this way. I call God “Him.” Jesus was a guy, and the Holy Spirit is also a He. I refused to say things like "God, He/She/It, has spoken!" It's called inclusive language, and I think it's a bunch of bunk. As a woman, I don't feel like I have to remind people that women are as important as men. We are both important, and I believe part of our issues as a church and as a country stem from trying to keep us equal. Crap, people, God made Adam, saw he was lonely and made Eve, the helper. Interpretation by Kimmer.
So after we spent worship time reading from the "Common Book of Prayer" and one of the male pastors said he took offense with the non-inclusive language we were using, I threw up a little. Did your overbearing wife teach you to say that? What about reading the Psalms would you like to rewrite all-inclusive man? I mean, David wrote them. Shouldn't we check with him first? Then Dr. Fred said something like, “Well, too bad, I'm not into rewriting liturgy that has been around for a really long time.” I'm sorry, church, but I feel like I need to say something like, "Get over yourselves, ladies and men without backbones! We call the Trinity the great mystery for a reason!" Instead of trying to always be equal, why don't we see the gifts that God has given us and go about sharing them and serving each other with them? Huh? All hearing about how upset you are about the lack of inclusive language does for me is cause me to not trust you and what you stand for or don't stand for. Wishywashiness is just a waste of time, people. Know what you believe in your heart and stand on it. I believe I need a pedicure.



Jonathan Powers said...

We got into a discussion on this at the school where I'm working on my doctorate. A few people had some real trouble that the liturgy (mainly the Psalms) and the songs did not use inclusive language. The chaplain got up at the beginning of one chapel and said, "People, I understand that we want to be sensitive to issues of gender, but really... sometimes we just need to learn to get over ourselves and worship." I decided then that I liked the school and really liked our chaplain! It can be tough being a male and agreeing with what you have to say, so I'm really glad to hear a female say all of this!

Kimer said...

Thanks for the comment Jonathan! I like your Chaplain too!