Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Do you consider yourself Radical? One of the blogs I follow was talking about David Platt's book Radical. I have always considered myself a rebel and in that I like to think I radical, but am I really? After my comment for class I would say I'm the only one that is radical, outside the box, calling a spade a spade. We have become so scared to speak truth that we would rather keep our mouths shut than to ask someone to explain themselves. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we need to pollute other people with our every thought on every stinken' thing we think, that just causes people to avoid you. But when someone says they believe people are born homosexual, do we say, your wrong as a ding dong, or do we say something like I did two weeks ago and upset the apple cart of their thinking. "Has the homosexual gene been discovered?" Being radical is speaking the truth in love. I told my friend that the book I go off of is the Bible (which she does too), and it calls same sex unions a sexual sin. It doesn't say they are or aren't born that way. I happen to believe it's a choice, a strong hold that satan has set up to take your life. She has a friend who says she knew something was different about her son three days after he was born. I'm sure that's true, but it's reinforced, just like seeing your parents being loving to each other is a learned way of having a relationship. What I'm getting at is calling a spade a spade...it's almost unheard of in this politically correct time that we live in. Think about what would happen if we would do that. "No sir, it's not ok that you beat your wife." "No Mama, in order to get a check, you need to have a job." "No son, you can't have every game on the market, you need to learn to carry on a conversation with real people." Wild huh?

Radical is not safe.
You can’t exist in a Christian bubble
Or rest in your cozy comfort zone
Or stay inside the box 
And be revolutionary
Or fanatical.

Radical is extreme. 
You do things differently.
You see differently.

Radical requires letting go. 
Your time, talents, possessions, money –
You realize you have been equipped
With resources meant to be used for God’s glory.
Nothing you have is truly yours anyway.
It’s all God’s and must be surrendered to Him.

Radical, though sometimes painful, results in great joy.
When you do an about-face,
Embracing this selfless way of life,
Exchanging the worldly for the eternal,
Giving generously instead of looking to receive,
You get a taste of what this life in Christ
Should be...
Every moment
Of every day.

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