Monday, August 9, 2010

Things to do!

Ever so slowly, my calendar is starting to have things appear on it. You know, things-to-do lists and places-I-gotta-go details. I really love not working for someone other than God and am truly blessed that my husband is fine with me hang out and doing my thing for awhile. I think of all the grief I used to bring home when I was working for the seminary, and it really doesn't surprise me that he's OK with me not working. I have the desire to cook meals and do laundry. I like to go places with him and stand around the Jeep while he pulls the air conditioner out. I live to water and mow the yard, pick up dog poop and yell at squirrels, and I really am having a good time. I wish I had some friends that I could hang with but understand that the season may not be right for that yet, with school yet to start and it being so blasted hot outside. Needless to say, when I get asked to answer phones at the church on Monday mornings, I say yes. When they need someone to pick tomatoes for the food pantry on Wednesday, I say yes. When they need someone that reads music to play for a concert in the handbell ringers, I say let's see if I can even do it first.
Got a work day this Friday at an elementary school, cleaning desks and doing preschool startup stuff. So there should be plenty to write about, huh? Right now, I'm good with not working for anybody but God. During this time, I'm finding out about patience and planning. I'm finding that I have a real soft spot for birds too. I don't like to see things suffer, so I hate to see them standing around with their beaks wide open, trying to cool off. So I help them out by putting ice cubes in my birdbath.

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