Monday, July 26, 2010


I was reading this article today about Phil Vischer, who is the creator of Veggie Tales. I don't know if you know about Bob the Tomato, but if you do, you may have noticed that not much has been going on with them lately. That's because the business crumbled to the ground. Long story short, he has started a new company called Jellyfish Labs. It's still about kids and God, but Phil seems to be in a much better place with eyes wide open this time. Here are some of the things from his Web site I wanted to share: 
“Through the experience, Phil realized some interesting things. First, our relationships with God are much more important than our work for God. God doesn’t want us to be ‘busy;’ He wants us to be available. He doesn’t want us to focus on ‘impact;’ He wants us to focus on obedience. If we’re walking with Him, we’ll know when He has something specific for us to do. We don’t need to make stuff up. If we’re so wrapped up in the work we’re doing for God that we can’t even make eye contact with the person bagging our groceries, something in our lives is way out of whack.
“Second, to be a Christian is to give Christ ‘lordship’ of our lives. That’s what it means. He’s Lord; we’re not. And if we’ve given Christ lordship of our lives, where we are in 20 years is, frankly, none of our business. Where we are in five years is none of our business. What is our business is what God has told us to do today and whether or not we’re doing it. That’s it.
“Phil’s ‘big idea’ died under the weight of Phil’s own ambition. Even though it was ambition to do ‘good,’ it still amounted to a failure to allow God to lead him on a daily basis. A failure to follow. To submit.”
What I want to say about this is it really pokes me in the eye! How many times have I said, “I want to work for God,” and then I run off and get busy doing, doing what doesn't really matter. Being busy is the issue. When I'm busy, I can't be available, cuz frankly, I'm too busy. Then he talks about giving the Lord lordship over your life. But I'm sure He needs my input and help—NOT! He needs me to be available today and to focus on that, to find the need for today and fill it. To see the people around me and to let Jesus lead me every step of the way. Live for today, because there are no promises about tomorrow. Today is really all we have. So when you go out there today and you come face to face with someone, look them in the eye and let them know that they are being seen.


Jonathan Powers said...

Faith and I heard him speak a couple of years ago on all these themes - such an amazing story and witness! Thanks so much for the reminder.

Leslie said...

There is a reason why the Mary and Martha story is in the Bible...