Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot Springs

Greetings from the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas! We are sitting here with internet access finally! So I thought I would throw out a line. Alex will be commissioned tonight at 7:30, this year is a big deal but not as big as it's going to be in two years when he get's ordained in Fort Smith. We spent the last two nights with a dear sweet friend of our's, Joy Bennett. We meet Joy when we took our trip to Israel with Asbury a year ago January. Her house is on Lake Hamilton and I have added what we saw when we woke up in the morning. Nice! She has the sweetest mutt dog's and she is the best hostess on the lake. We truly enjoyed our time with her and hope to be able to spend more time with her when we get settled some.
Annual Conference has been as exciting as always and I always love sitting on hard stadium chairs that put your backend to sleep. I have had the great honor of being at two different annual conferences, Colorado and Arkansas, for a total of five times. We have been in a conference center the whole time and I really wish they would do their worship in a church, it really does make a difference. We had dinner last night with the Z's, friends from Osceola, and had a great time eating at the Wharf. Mom and dad are joining us here this evening and we head off to Herber Springs tomorrow to pick up the rest of our stuff and then home to Rogers. 
I am always surprised at the heat down south. I scouted cotton in the summer when I was in college and walked the fields everyday. I don't remember it being this hot, but I'm sure it was.

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