Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AT&T day!

Today is iPhone day at the AT&T store. Alex and I have been talking about this for a while and even tried to pre-order one, but alas, we haven't lived here long enough. So we went to get gas in the truck this morning and drove by the AT&T store, expecting the line to be all the way out in the street. It wasn't, so we turned around and went to the parking lot and got in line. They were passing out reservations, because the first load had been handed out already and it was only 9:00. So this reservation would guarantee us an iPhone before 8:00 tonight. So we thought, “What the heck?”
We talked with a dude named Jason, and he said that when we got the call, to make sure we came back in and talked with him. Seems they make money per phone. So we ran and got some dog food and came home to wait on the phone call. Within the hour, the phone rang, and off we ran to the AT&T store. Upon our arrival, there was this older man with the bottom of his shirt unbuttoned, belly hanging out with very smart-looking glasses on. He was in Amy's face wanting to see a manager (we got on a first-name basis with a few of these people). He was going off about not getting good service and how he didn't come here to get the new iPhone and didn't understand why he had to stand in line if he wasn't there for that phone. So I saw the line I needed to get in, told Crystal I needed to talk with Jason and they pulled me right in.
It was very good to see that Jason was waiting for us, and off he went into the back to pick up my very own iPhone. He started banging away on his computer to get me my connection, and that's when it all started—our time at the AT&T store. Jason was having some issues with his computer, so this gave me plenty of time to look around at people and comment on what was going on. Well, the big-bellied man had made it into the store by now and was saying things to the manager like, "I have more education than she will ever have..." and to me, Alex, Jason and Justin (the dude beside Jason), this was all uncalled for. Mind you, the only thing that even looked smart on this man was his glasses.
It really doesn't matter where Alex and I go; we talk to people, and we wear shirts and caps that let you know who we are pulling for in just about very sport there is. So Tom just couldn't let Alex walk by with his Avalanche shirt on without telling him he was a Redwing fan. So Crystal walks over and tells me that she is really enjoying having us in the store, cuz we're cracking her up. Alex then tells Jason that he better watch it because I would go home and blog about him today. Well, it took us over an hour to do something that probably takes them about 25 minutes, but it was fun hanging out with the AT&T gang, as we now fondly call them. All I really know is that life shouldn't make you so cranky that you act like the big-bellied man in front of people. If it does, you should stay home and make your wife go take care of your business, cuz you, my friend, are no fun. Alex and I had a blast with Jason, Justin, Amy, Crystal and Paul and would recommend them to anyone that we felt was nice and wanted to be treated right. The big-bellied man needs to just take a pill and go sit under a shade tree. 

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Lekili said...

Cool! Tell me how you like it. I'm thinking of getting one. Need an objective opinion and I KNOW you'll give it to me! On ATT huh. We can talk for free. CALL ME!