Sunday, May 16, 2010

Won't miss a beat!

We are at the point in our packing where it's hard to get motivated to put anything else in a box, either because it doesn't fit or we might need it before we go. Alex has me eating off paper plates and drinking out of water bottles. I'm tired of wearing the same clothes that seem to be fitting me tighter and tighter. This is the part I hate—gone but not gone yet. I keep thinking there are things I need to do, people I need to spend time with, places I need to see before we pull out of here in 10 days, but the cloud that hovers over me is keeping me put.
Looking ahead to the week that's in front of us it doesn't look too bad until Thursday, when mom and dad show up, and I'm sure it will start hitting the fan. We have family staying at the house when I don't even want to stay here myself. Hope I have enough towels and paper plates! Now my family is really easy. I make it hard on myself, because I feel like I need to be the hospitality queen when anyone comes to our house. So here's what I think I'm going to try and do: soak up this time, because it will never come again. I'm trying not to beat myself up for gaining weight and not running three times a week, but when you have to clean out your freezer and it's got a lot of bacon in it—well, you get the picture. I even have people who are asking me when I'm going to start this year’s crop of pickles. People, I'm moving! I'm at the point where my head is about to explode, and I don't really know what to do about it.
So as I sit here and look out the window, I see that the neighbors’ magnolia tree has started to bloom and the city put the flower baskets out hanging from the light poles. Seems like Wilmore will continue on without the Workmans just fine. In fact, I bet this place won't miss a beat. The 4th of July parade will still happen, with the lawn mower team doing their thing, and Bear, the dog next door, will be put into a harness and will pull Brownie around the circuit. The summer concert series will happen on the green, and folks will eat at Jose'. This place won't miss a beat, and it will be OK.


Lekili said...

I realized something just now while reading and reflecting on your thoughts. Some of us have been called here to prepare others to go out. Which is what I have been doing for years. Feel like God is saying "DUH! 'bout time you realized this!" Glad our Fusion group said "yes we'd love to have Kim join us." Even though the town may not miss a beat we will never be the same as before we met the Workmans.

redheadbeck said...

Yeah, things may go on but no one is the same after meeting you girl!!! And that is in a good way!! Just think of all the "things" you don't know about Rogers that you have to look forward too finding out about!!

LOVE this kitty, by the way!